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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Elle Johnston 9 / 10


*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by vengeance20 9 / 10


But I'll lay it all out for you. Honestly. In an effort to match hit-TV-version and the collective heft of its cleavage, (or Pamela Lee) - "Baywatch" the-film-version renders all its characters as silly-iconic pairs of Boobies. Those famous slow-mo's of the 90's are upgraded to a full pro-mo's just to fit the 2010's of "what exactly are we into now, seriously?" For instance, in the film, CJ only runs in slow motion...every single time she runs, she's in slow-mo. Never mind that, I mean, the movie is funny on a pretty good level (and in a good way) if you're being honest. It's better than being a Gluteus-Maxi- Mus, for sure, although there's plenty of those in the movie, too. I believe this is pretty much in line with the (sexy, yes but kinda' corny) TV show inspiring it, although I've never seen it's seasons, completely. I recall "Baywatch" as it was the television equivalent of a suicidal diet: 90 percent cheesecake.Dwayne "The Great One" Johnson stars as the legendary head lifeguard Mitch Buchannon and Zac Efron as the cocky and reckless trainee Matt Brody. Mitch isn't just some forty-something guy in a wooden tower, twirling his whistle and keeping an eye on the tides. In fact he's more of a superhero than a mere lifeguard. Hardly a day goes by without Mitch performing amazing feats, from saving a woman and her two children from drowning to boarding a boat that's engulfed in flames and dragging multiple hot women to safety. In fact we're told he has saved more than 500 lives on his beach. Five hundred! Apparently that beach is more dangerous than many a war zone.Efron's Matt is a two-time Gold Medal winner who fell from grace after a night of partying led to him throwing up in the pool during an Olympic relay race, costing his teammates their shot at gold and turning Matt into "The Vomit Comet."Gee, can you guess what happens?It's a thought we should find comforting.Just because you acknowledge you're in a movie based on a kitschy TV show doesn't necessarily mean you're in a GOOD movie based on a TV show."Baywatch" is the latest movie to raunchy-FY its small-screen source material, a la "21 Jump Street" and "CHIPS." The formula isn't the problem. Laughter trumps critical analysis every time. Alas, laughter was in short supply in the theatre. Nothing is louder than silence in the wake of a joke. It's the sound of a vacuum sucking all the oxygen from the room. "Baywatch" is comedic asphyxiation. If you absolutely must see it, I recommend renting a pressurised suit from NASA first.The series ran for 11 seasons, anchored by David Hasselhoff, who is to the '80s and '90s what William Shatner was to the '60s and '70s - a tongue-in-cheek irony machine. Hasselhoff's character, champion seaside lifeguard Mitch Buchannon, is played in the movie by Dwayne Johnson, who has a similar cornball charm. Hasselhoff enjoys a cameo in the film - not a spoiler, as his name is in the opening credits - which means there are two Mitch Buchannons on the screen at the same time, and if this caused a rift in the space-time continuum, I didn't notice it. At this point, so many modern comedies have broken the fourth wall, the space-time continuum likely shrugs it off, and continues its unfeeling, uncaring, nigh-infinite trudge forward to the heat death of the universe, an event that will at long last make dumb Hollywood remakes of dumb TV shows extinct. Overall, Dwayne and Efron are as like-able as ever, but they've played better-developed characters on "Saturday Night Live." Still though, if you're in the mood, give it a watch, it ain't that bad.

Reviewed by Asif Khan (asifahsankhan) 9 / 10

This movie nudges you in the ribs with a pneumatic drill... but it's still pretty enjoyable!

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by stilloopless1 9 / 10

Entertaining for all the wrong reasons

I can't help laughing when say that "Baywatch" has come back with a newer, more beautiful look; they do not hesitate to "F5" for actors to make the film more-youthful, more eye-catching than its "previous generation".In the movie, The Rock plays Mitch Buchannon replacing actor David Hasselhoff -- audiences can recognize: many years after the useless of David; he just makes the movie worse. And a "fairy tale" in a real world begins...Once upon a time on a planet called Earth there is a guy named Mitch -- Please, look at Mitch's abdominal muscles first! Mitch is kind and help others -- he living on the beach he who runs a rescue team along the Los Angeles coast. Not faraway in that place, the former Olympic athlete Matt Brody (Zac Efron) sudden appeared in the rescue team, despite "two youngsters" Mitch - Matt.What will be will be!Not long after that they just discovered drug trafficking plot of lovely girl named Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) who own nightclub. Despite the uselessness of the government; the couple "Mitch-Matt" his naive teammates are determined to find evidence to return the-purity of the beach.Look from the whole picture to the detail, "Baywatch" was unable to achieve the same level of comedy as 21 Jump Street (it's true!) but the movie is still pretty humorous because it has exploited thoroughly the irrational and unnecessary with some details can be seen as obscene -- stimulates the curiosity and exploration of young audiences (!).Surely that the director just run out of ideas so he decided "borrow ideas" from "Balika Vadhu" (!) for many slow?motion scenes in this movie -- I think the main purpose for the viewer to see body with strong, full of life of the cast selected (on the screen). Not only Baywatch's action scenes frequent appearances, of course, its doesn't make any sense at all but also enough to make the audience feel the "powerful" energy even in each movie scenes by using digital devices, the camcorder is of high quality -- obviously expensive!In addition, many other characters; their looks are also pretty eye- catching; nothing special except that they will show off their body through the screen.Summarize, the film seems to open the way for more other projects: fun, eye-catching even "eye hurt", simpler content exactly for "someone" to make a profit. This would be a great option and could not be more perfect for those who only use eyes to watch movies (not to the brain). On the other hand, the movie make a chance for people want to stay home or relax with the blue sea -- accompanied by the threat of sharks and some other sea creatures.

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